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I am interested in acquiring repair manuals that I do not currently have.  If you have a high quality repair manual that I do not currently list, I would be happy to work a trade with you on your repair manual with one of mine or I can issue you credit towards any future purchase.  Please send an email to Thank you. - Jim


I am interested in acquiring high quality instruction/user manuals.  As you know, I do not sell these manuals, but make them available free to other camera hobbyists.  A number of the free instruction/user/owner's manuals that I offer for free download are not high quality and I would like to replace those with high quality manuals.  So, if you have better quality user/owner's manuals or ones that I currently do not have listed, please consider providing me with a copy so that I may share them with other camera hobbyists.  If you wish to have credit to let others know that you contributed, I will happy to do so.  You may email manuals to my email account which accepts large files, . Thank you. - Jim

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