If you own a Minolta SRT camera, you owe it to yourself and your camera to own this book! The Minolta (factory) SR-T101 & 58mm Lens Service (repair) Manual complete as issued by Minolta! Considered to be the Primary repair manual for not only the SR-T101, but used as the basis for repair of Minolta's other SR-T cameras as well! With proper attention to the differences in the Minolta SLR cameras from the earlier SR-1, SR-2, SR-7 cameras thru to the SR-T 102, 202 and 303, a qualified technician can expect to repair any of these cameras with this manual! Fully and Heavily Illustrated with Exploded Views, Step by Step Disassembly, Re-Assembly, Trouble Shooting, Service and Repair instructions with Parts Numbers for the camera and the 58mm Lens! A Great book to repair, service or to simply understand how any Minolta SR-T and a standard Lens works!

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