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Camera Repair Support
Canon FD 200mm F4.0 Macro lens Repair (Martin Rodensjö from Sweden was kind enough to share his photos on disassembling and reassembling this lens. Click this LINK to visit his great photography website. Thanks, Martin!)
Nikon EM top cover removal (PDF) (A camera hobbyist's hands-on supplement/revision to the Nikon's EM Repair Manual, NIK82)
Yahoo! Groups website (When you have specific camera or repair questions, this is the place to find many of camera hobbyist support groups where you can post your questions and get help from other hobbyists who will help you.  Run a search using "nikon", "camera", etc. to find groups and communicate with other hobbyists.)
Camera-Fix (A forum whose members focus on camera repair.  Join and post your questions where other camera hobbyists may assist you.)
The Camera Repair WebRing! (A small group of linked websites whose focus is on camera repair.)

The Classic Camera Repair Forum (A discussion forum for camera hobbyists who enjoy tinkering with old mechanical cameras no longer repaired by mainstream repair shops)
Seal-Foam-Light Baffle Replacement Instructions (Seal replacement instructions for many classic 35mm cameras)

Camera Supplies, Parts & Tools
Micro-Tools - United States - Camera tools, etc.
Micro-Tools - Europe - Camera tools, etc.
Cam Comp Tools
- Camera tools, etc.
Fargo Enterprises, Inc.
- Camera tools, etc.
- Camera replacement parts
Active Industries
- Camera replacement parts
Aakash Industries
- Camera replacement parts

Camera Repair
Garry's Camera Repair - Reasonable cost, mail-in, etc.

Photography Equipment for Sale
Microglobe Photographic Retailer (Photographic equipment retailer for professionals - UK website)
(Classic cameras, accessories, etc. - UK website)
Bristol Cameras
(Digital cameras, accessories, lenses, etc. - UK website)
Photo Camera Lenses for Sale (Widest selection of Photo and Camera Lenses and Filters)
Somerset Cameras (Canon Digital, Tamrac Camera Bags, Hawke Optics - UK website)
CCTV Camera Systems (CCTV cameras, home security cameras and wireless security systems)

Friends of this Website
123 Greetings - Free Camera Day Ecards, Camera Day Greeting Cards, Camera Day Cards!
Vintage Camera Online - Information about collecting vintage cameras
Service Accent - SBE (Business Management Software)

Nikon Passion - le site des amateurs de Nikon (A French website!)
Camera Store - Australia's Largest Online Camera Store!

Office Tech Services - Service management software solutions

Photography Board Forum (Sharpen your photography skills, post your pictures and  discuss about the art of photography)
Photo Cards by CardsDirect - Create your photo card at CardsDirect  (Upload your photo into one of our modern looking templates for a Christmas card you won't forget!) 

General - Resources & Information
Minolta Users Group - USA
Minolta Users Webring
Pentax Users Gallery (Photographs)
Pentax Discussion Group
Bojidar Dimitrov's Pentax K-mount Equipment Site
Dr. Walter Pietsch (Comprehensive Nikon Information site A+!!)
Liang - Wu Cai's Nikon Site
Michael C Liu's Nikon & Nikkors Resources  A+!
Nicke's Photo Page
An Online Canon AE-1 Instruction Manual
An Unofficial Canon Resource Site  A+!
An Unofficial Nikon Resource Site  A+!
An Unofficial Hasselblad Resource Site  A+!
An Unofficial Rollei Resource Site  A+!
An Unofficial Olympus Resource Site  A+!
An Unofficial Minolta X-700 Resource Site  A+!
An Unofficial Minolta Maxxum 7000 Resource Site  A+!
Pentax Users Webring
The Retina Guides & Retina S1 Manual
Willem-Jan Markerink's Infrared & Photography (Great camera info & links!) A+!
Mike Butkus' links to online camera manuals A+!
Fotolinks! Photolinks! Links to many camera websites A+!
Camera-Fix - a hobbyist camera repair group! A+!
The Camera Repair WebRing! (Linked Websites Focused on Camera repair!)
Nikon Passion, le site des amateurs de Nikon - A French website! A+!

Camera Manufacturers

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